One of those days your glad to see the back of.

One of those days when you would be happy to give up and go home.

Got through the worst part and made it to the end in one piece.

Will sleep happy tonight and be unhappy again in the morning….

Ah well.


Money game, lets take it all back. The whole bloody lot of it.

I dont like money.
Ive never been motivated by it or a slave to its fortune.
Its obviously the centre of everything, and the vast majority of peoples lives, but its enslaved and destroyed us as a race.
Millions die and suffer for the few who control the merry go round of the sparse leftovers whilst trillions of the stuff is hoarded in books and crannies of the global banking or investment triangle.
Forget the arguments of how we came about having this monopolistic system of cash dealing, and lets have an alternative to this perfect storm of enslavement and depravity of the poor. Lets take back what is ours, water, food, air, dirt, space and life.
Put people, real human people, first and lets stop the subjectification of everything.