I cant believe that the clock im watching only moves at a minute at a time. If i was late or in a hurry ut would move much faster in sure.
Wouldn’t it be great to pick up and fast forward parts of your life at will. It would save so much time. Maybe you would be able to delete certain scenes as well.
On another note. My whole life seems to be brought to you by Facebook. They operate nearly everything i use to operate my life, so they must own the rights to it. Or at least the publication of events.


Are you in the wrong job?


I went to a workshop yesterday on discovering your personal work style. Since I’m still in the throes of figuring out who I am, I found it useful.

Part One evaluated:

  • How you are energized— by doing tasks or connecting with people
  • How you are organized— structured or unstructured


Rate the following questions on a scale of 1-5.

  1. Am I more comfortable doing things for people (1) or being with people (5)?
  2. When doing a task, do I tend to focus on the goal (1) or the relationship (5)?

  3. Do I get more excited about advancing a cause (1) or creating community (5)?

  4. Do I feel I’ve accomplished something when I’ve completed a job (1) or built a relationship (5)?

  5. Is it more important to start a meeting on time (1) or when everyone gets there (5)?

  6. Is it more important to maintain a deadline (1)…

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Death and fortune

On my way home today, i listened to the radio as usual and heard a sad fact. Twenty school buses full of under fives die each day because they don’t have access to clean sanitation. Toilets etc.
Then when home i opened a link on twitter originally from some teenagers website or magazine that listed the top ten football players net worth here in the UK. It stated that number ten was worth £27 million up to £47 million as the top earner.
My eldest daughter is a teenager, today in fact.
It saddened me that teenagers would care more about premier league footballers wages, than the generations that are lost each year. Dieing from the lack of a toilet. I’m sure my lovely daughter doesn’t care, and would be more worried about that large school size group of under fives who die daily.
I hope so anyway.