New people, new voices

Had an enjoyable conversation with a Slovakian man today, even though, neither spoke each others language. Nice when that happens.
I often chat to the many foreign nationals i come across in the course of my day, and find it very worthwhile. It good for the inner me to meet and chat to people from abroad. Its like a passport stamp on the memory, i can tick off in my head who I’ve chatted to. It kind of means I’ve been there by proxy. Like speaking one word of a language means your fluent.



Not been active for a while. Been feeling a bit sorry for myself. The job i was happy about getting has turned into a nightmare of very minimal sorts. A bit of an amateur outfit with zero care for its workforce and a high opinion of their own ability.
I have been musing and writing some poetry. But its been on scraps of paper and in my own mind. Usually with the idea of writing it down, but with mostly forgetful consequences. Typical.
My new idea is to idea is to write a series of topics, or headlines, to remind me of my thoughts and to gather them up whenever i can to note them down. On here. Not pieces of paper i file, or occasionally stuff into a pocket or my diary. On the subject of which, it has become a very sanitised version of what’s going on. I sometimes feel as if in writing events for some one else eyes, and as such tone down the details or round off the emotions. I don’t want to offend. As if I’ve got people to affend.
Too right i have.
I burn more bridges than… A bridge burning expert. ( do they exist ).
Any how. 2014 is going to be good, different, honest and with more purpose, a damn sight more productive.