When i was younger. Before i was married and had the trappings of financial constraints, i planned a trip to south africa. I was going to drive via morocco to the cape, then return via Egypt. I went as far as seeking visa forms from loads of African countries and pricing ferries etc. Fuel and expenses were worked out on a daily expenditure plan. It sounded very exciting.
As usual things get in the way, and leaving it a bit longer stretches into months, years and a few decades later… It a shame my wife doesn’t really like the idea. Imagine taking your family in such an adventure ? The world is huge, but only as big as you make it. I guess.
I still hope to achieve this one day, but secretly know this is unlikely.


2 thoughts on “Travel

  1. What a great dream. I can relate to you about wanting to travel and see the world but money more than anything gets in the way. So does procrastination and work but I shouldn’t make excuses becuase if I really want to achieve this goal, I will make it happen one way or another.
    I hope that you can start planning now for a trip to South Africa in the furture. Even if its a small trip at least you got to achieve some of your goal.
    Good luck!

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