Who would have known that her past was so poor it would affect her future. Get some great notices in shop windows. Im going to start paying attention too them.



Thinking of resigning from my current life, as the job description and person spec are not representative of the role.

and I don’t like squeaky chairs either.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I wish I was dead.”

Cooking on a Bootstrap

Stephanie walked out in front of a lorry on the M6.
Charles took his own life.
Donna wishes she was dead.
The Tories fall asleep in the Opposition Day debate, laugh, jeer, and accuse campaigners of ‘shouting’ too loudly about it.
Here’s a few reasons why I hate, oppose and challenge the bedroom tax. Those that quibble about what it’s called are completely missing the point. Here’s a few to start you off:

For this full story, see Four families every hour being made homeless BEFORE bedroom tax: Real Britain, Daily Mirror, 27 March 2013.

For this full story, see Pensioner killed himself over fears he could not afford his home: 3rd November 2013.

For this full story, read: The bedroom tax discriminates against disabled children: 6th November 2013

Labour peer warns bedroom tax will cost more money than it saves: 1st November 2013.

Bedroom tax suicide victim Stephanie Bottrill’s…

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