Writing about yourself is hard.

Had to write a small paragraph about myself for a school website where I’m a governor. It’s hard to be serious, humour eos and concise in a small paragraph. I tried comedy, and mixed some facts, and it was terrible. So went for facts and they may love wine gums in as well. Hope it does for the new website?

i spend a lot of time on Facebook and signing petitions online. Sharing information and tweeting. Compared to so many my life is settled and sustainable. In the UK this winter, the Red Cross will be collecting food donations and distributing them to the poor and hungry in one of the richest counties in the world. It’s not right is it ? The US is not paying its staff as they are shutdown on the whole ( government only) and are the worlds largest issuer of debt. That means they are massively in debt doesn’t it. You can’t issue debt as if its a lottery ticket or post it note. Things worry me a lot of the time. I don’t have answers mostly, but I’m sure there is another way.


Cheeky sod.

An odd experience happened to me today. An elderly woman approached myself and a work colleague and asked if we were eating sweet. Coyly my colleague admitted our guilt. I had bought wine gums and having gorged on them insisted my colleague take them off me. As she crossed the road she took us by surprise by approaching us both. When offered a sweet she asked us where our hands had been ? Then proceeded to dismiss our offer on the grounds that we were unable to present a reasonable diary of our hand movements. I offered her some chewing gum as an alternative, but this was instantly rebuked because of her false teeth.

Cheeky Sod !

Our heating is fixed, and the house is baking again. Just in time really as the cold air is surrounding our home. Just got to put he youngest childs bed back together and ┬ásort her room out. She’s continuing her stay in her Nans until then, which is what she is really fond off.

Have a good weekend. hope to catch up soon.

By the way, does anybody know what happens on Wii tennis when you get to a rating of 2000 ? I’m on 1942 and I’m getting excited.

Coming Cold weather

Gosh, its getting cold. Wind is blowing and the litter is starting to circle. I have seen several satelite dishes with platic bags attached to them today. Where I’m working, in a large housing estate, there are many roads with trainer shoes slung across the lines. I imagine the weather blowing them up and depositing them on the high wires above. I’m sure it some sort of signal or signature of some group or gang activity, and it makes the area look a bit comical. I’ve been enjoying most of my job, its quiet and laid back. My expenses are virtually nil, and I’ve finished early each day. The area has a shady reputation. And a history to match, but before the sun disappears its very quiet, full of old folks and the occasional dog walker. But with the coming bad weather I’m not looking forward to the wet rain and the windy wind. Still wrap up and keep moving eh !!
Speak soon, keep warm.