Hi Vis Vests

Hi Vis vests are odd, don’t you think. I’ve used them for many years, and they’ve never really been much use. A whole industry of safety clothing has grown up out of the very necessary safety at work regulations, but hi vis vests are the most visual. Often dirty, torn and discarded they don’t really perform any function. Steel toe capped boots and goggles and gloves all protect the user to a very good degree, but vests just are. Too small, to large, wrong colour, wrong way round. Now with sayings or mottos on the back, footy teams and even funny faces printed on them, they have become the maligned image of the safety industry.



Sorry, I have not been around for a while. So busy, tired and lazy. Work has been good, and the interviews keep coming in. 

Still think something is missing though. I’ve looked at all kinds of things and areas to work in, and the more I look the more the world opens up. So much to do, and so little experience to use….

I had to pass up a good chance to get involved in a small way in politics here in the UK. But it may never have worked out anyway. It’s one of those times you have to weigh up the options and the obvious outcome was it would have been very difficult to make it work.

I haven’t played tennis on the Wii for a while. Need to do this soon or my excellent average will be dropping.

I might get some chickens, a Pygmy goat as well .


I’m thinking about the magnificent film version of Les Mis today. Thinking of revolution. Political, certainly. Social, defiantly. ExpandingMiddles private life, ah !

I know many people hope, and work towards change in their lives for millions of different reasons. I love busy cities, and hassle and bustle. I also long for the solitude of quiet and peace. This is probably nothing new, but we do live in a busy house, and it can get loud, and to be truthfully honest, I get very bored after a while when its quiet. But its not really the kind of revolution I long for. I hoped that my own world would be on a more even keel, and heading in the direction, for a long time, I was certain it would be by now. Things changed, and after a lengthy hiatus it’s now heading in a new direction. 

I think I just like the music really, and its set me off. Who doesn’t like a drama and a good sing a long ?

Busy, changeable week.

Wow ! Started a new job last Monday. Now this Monday I start another. They just keep coming. I’m going to aim for a fresh job each week.

sorry I haven’t n been around. Working lots and lots, which is a shock after so long out of the normal routine of work. But it’s welcome, and I still have my aim. I had a quick interview on Friday, and was offered the role within a couple of hours. That’s good for the soul. This job means being outside more often, and that’s how I like it. It’s less money, but much better hours and more structured than the job I started last week. I feel awful for letting a friend down though. He tried his best, and succeeded, in getting me a job, and now I feel I’m not showing any loyalty. And I’m a loyal person. I did consult him before I made my decision and he was positive. But it still feels like a small betrayal.

On a positive note, I have a few more irons in the fire that could mean more changes if become go as I hope, but I’m just staying focused for now. Children back at school, and they enjoy their time in class, which is more than I did. I’m excited that they like school and enjoy their friendships. I was always a bit of a quiet boy. Much preferred my own company, still do. I like to have friends of course, but I could live on a small holding in the remote countryside quite easily I think. I love the City, and its noise and smells. But I’m sure I could get by. However, the children and wife would go mental. I’d like to have some animals and live on the coast, they’d rather have a city centre base and spend days in the cafe and shops. But you’ve got to walk before running right ?

I haven’t played tennis on the Wii for a while, so I think my Sunday may be spent getting warmed up on that. After making breakfast everyone is loitering about, iPads in hand, trampoline bouncing and hair dryers burning. I used to hate Sundays, but as you get older, it’s a nice time to spend together. Maybe as the children get older they’ll be busy and not spend so much time with us on the last day of the week, but for now, its nice.

I will try and pop in more often this week, as my days will be much shorter with my new job. Have a good week every one.