It can be a confusing.

As the 50th anniversary of MLK I have a dream speech is here its saddening to see so many people subjugated and scared in the world still. It is only fifty years I guess, and Americans will tell me better if they feel any of those aspirations have ever been realised ? 

Im certain Syrians would feel nervous as the world again decides its future, without any input from those poor people about Ito be bombed from submarines and foreign bases on different continents. 

Its difficult to feel anything other than sorrow door a poor man refused a food bank request in the UK because he’s used it three times already. Yes a modern UK handing out food parcel tickets at the job centre ! 

Its horrific to be a poor man in Tibet whose wife set fire to her self to protest against Chinese repression in her homeland and now faces the death penalty after being tortured and blamed with killing his wife by the same Chinese who have beaten and murdered Tibetan nuns recently.

or the Colombian trade union leader being held in prison because he was defending the poor and impressed in his country and was on his way to the UK trades union council to give a speech on how his and others work was progressing in his country.

i don’t know if MLK would still be dreaming if alive today, or if he would be experiencing the nightmare that is modern democracies and oppressed dictatorships. Where is political representation today. It’s mired in a pool of self interest and greed. Oil, arms and influence far out way any other human need, foods, water, heat and a future are denied to so much of the world as we all regale at the latest gadget or tv celebrities dancing on an awards show.

its a nightmare. And we’re all in it, responsible for each others misery and desperation.


2 thoughts on “It can be a confusing.

  1. MLK’s speech was about USA, I believe. He had problems enough at home without embracing the rest of the world.
    Folk like to think the cold war is over. I beg to differ.

    • I hoped to use it as a description of how little things have changed, especially in America. Any Cold War has changed in its appearance and is now a smoke and mirror war, once you think your close it moves on.

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