Still believe

It just goes to show.

woke up this morning and watched tv before getting up. Having applied for over twenty jobs since Monday, I thought I’m having a day off. Kids were up and wife was still asleep. I watched a programme about other people’s missfortune, or rather other people’s fortunes going to relatives who didn’t know they ever lived. Sad really. Anyway I sat and watched and thought how people can be left without friends and family. I had been feeling more positive after so many applications being sent and with Christmas coming up thought my chances of getting meaningful employment increased surely ?

Before we went out, I tried to apply for one last job at an NGO but could I get the bloody computer to operate properly, could I hell. It was so frustrating, slow, awkward and just not responsive. Bit like the daughters. After struggling with it for over an hour, I decided to leave it and go out. Now shopping is an absolute nightmare to me. Hate shops and endless zig zagging in between clothing racks. I try and find a corner and stay out of the way or better still a chair to just flick through twitter. My kids have started to do the same. Don’t think the wife likes the lack of interest in her shopping requirement. Anyway, as we’re almost done ( again) I get a call.

Dodgy phone connections in department stores are a given, and the call was a bit like using string and two cans to have a connection. From the distant voice that belonged to a friend of mine from my last employment I heard details of a job. Giving up on the call I said I’d ring him back in a few minutes and headed for the exit. This is always a good feeling although slightly nervier as i head through those detection panels, don’t know why because I’ve never shop lifted in my life, I just expect them to go off and have a nervous ten minutes with a store detective going through my bags. So outside I ring him back. ” I’m in the middle of negotiating you a pay rise ” this was sounding good..

Turns out there’s a job offer for me. Shocked and a bit nervous, I asked a few more questions. The answers sounded good. And it turns out I start in a few weeks. Wow, never saw that coming. I’VE GOT A JOB !

Im a bit lost. No more applying for jobs, sod them. Things it would seem have suddenly got better. I still believe. I’ve renewed my belief, I’m found again.

Thanks for everyone who expressed words of encouragement and who encouraged me to keep going. I could hug everyone of you.


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