Positivity, don’t you just hate it ?

Had lots of support, and as expected the Sun has come out. A massive Thank You to everyone who offered their best wishes, and I know that old saying from Gone With The Wind “tomorrow is another day” is apt. It’s really satisfying to know that people a who don’t even know you can be supportive and positive on your behalf, even when your feeling not so determined yourself. It shows a great human trait, to survive and move forward. I guess it’s what made people move out of their environment, move from safety and security, and out into the wide world. Even if today, the world is tiny, it’s still a big place full of wonderful people and magnificent things. Sure lots of crap goes on, but if we all abandoned our hopes, it would be a dark earth.

Theres got to be a better way politically, but its down to the majority to make it happen. Setting people against each other because of religion or political beliefs seems to be a rather negative reaction from humans, but one that has always been a trait in the narrow minded and it would seem the world is considerably narrow minded when reviewing these things.

Anyway. Big hugs, tapping on the keyboards or screens. Got to get school uniforms.


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