Daily Prompt: On the Edge

Daily Prompt: On the Edge.

“Stand away from the edge” go on fall over it. The edge is where we all go when something irritates or annoyes us. How close to the edge depends on the size of the irritant. Could be the kids, school, work, partner, life, diner, sports team, it could be the traffic ? There are those who the edge is where they prefer, and those that it scares as much as the bogey man to a child. The edge can make you feel alive, alert, excited. It can take you to very boundaries of your human endurance. It can tip you over them.

some people will look over and some will snigger at those who are frightened by its proximity. These are the people who need to have support, a hand, shoulder or even a careful word spoken to them. These are the people who live like the edge is very much the boundary they are scared by, petrified by the noise it makes. These are the people I would like to stand with, hold their hands maybe, sit, feet dangling down, taking in the  fresh air. I bet everyone has these moments at one time or another. Guess its those that can’t step away that fear it the most ?

if you get near the edge, for whatever reason, however close you get, please take a deep breath and remember. Some one would like to hold your hand. Sit with you. Maybe take in the fresh air ?


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: On the Edge

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