Falling Apart

So much can fall apart.

Like a line of dominoes ready for a slight breeze before tumbling to their face.
Life can line up a domino effect of circumstances and actions that can kick start and exciting but ultimately futile experience.

I can see why so many people believe in God looking after you in the after life, because what else did they have ?
What reason could they attach to their miserable life.
Obviously, the trick of the capitalist society was more reason to feel empty and alone in a vast space of despair.

You never know.

Until tomorrow.


Money game, lets take it all back. The whole bloody lot of it.

I dont like money.
Ive never been motivated by it or a slave to its fortune.
Its obviously the centre of everything, and the vast majority of peoples lives, but its enslaved and destroyed us as a race.
Millions die and suffer for the few who control the merry go round of the sparse leftovers whilst trillions of the stuff is hoarded in books and crannies of the global banking or investment triangle.
Forget the arguments of how we came about having this monopolistic system of cash dealing, and lets have an alternative to this perfect storm of enslavement and depravity of the poor. Lets take back what is ours, water, food, air, dirt, space and life.
Put people, real human people, first and lets stop the subjectification of everything.


Austerity is a funny old thing.
The biggest promotion of it comes from those immune. Politicians, bankers and wealthy business owners. Media throughout the western world inform *cough* us that its the only way to straighten out a broken economy and lead us through to prosperity.

I don’t speak to many people. At all. But those I do dont recognise the narrative peddles by so many of these interested parties.

Sod the bankers, sod the markets, sod the balance of payments.

Feed, heat, clothe and protect people. Bloody human people.

Right I’m off out to buy a pasty.


Hi everyone.

Still wondering around the internet of life wondering where the bloody hell the light switch is.

It’s a lovely day so I’ve decided to join twitter and get some more interaction.
Don’t know if this will help me or make it bloody worse to be honest. But it looks like fun over on twitter ?

Just for the hell of it I’m on tumblr too. Although I have yet to examine how this will make my world a better place ? Here’s hoping.

So get on board and let’s ride this thing.


I cant believe that the clock im watching only moves at a minute at a time. If i was late or in a hurry ut would move much faster in sure.
Wouldn’t it be great to pick up and fast forward parts of your life at will. It would save so much time. Maybe you would be able to delete certain scenes as well.
On another note. My whole life seems to be brought to you by Facebook. They operate nearly everything i use to operate my life, so they must own the rights to it. Or at least the publication of events.